Industrial Tanks

Specializing in factory and field-welded storage tanks for virtually any dry bulk material and a wide variety of liquids. Imperial serves a wide range of industries around the world.

Chosen for a wide variety of industrial storage applications around the world, you'll find Imperial tanks serving virtually every manufacturing and processing industry. In fact, chances are we've met the demands of a storage challenge similar to yours before.

With decades of experience and hundreds of installations, Imperial has a ready understanding of storage requirements and challenges of several industries and is the leading bulk storage expert for:

Food Processing and Milling:


Milling: raw grains, flours and by-products

Cereals: whole and processed grains, sugar, additives and byproducts

Bakery: flour, sugar, spices, salt, oils, additives and other ingredients


Storage and blending of dry bulk solids; Storage of liquids

Foundry and Basic Metals:

Raw material storage for metals, ores, chips, by-products; All types of sand, clays, resins and binders

Mining and Aggregates:

Sand, gravel, cement, asphalt, rock, roofing granules and minerals


Storage and blending of pellets, powders, resin and flakes

Power Plants:

Fly ash storage, waste treatment, coal hoppers and bunkers

Pulp and Paper:

Storage of wood chips, chemicals; Waste treatment

Waste Treatment:

Storage tanks, complete assembly of systems and vessels for lime, soda ash, carbon and water treatment media; Vessels for processed sludge