Bulk Bag Handling

Bulk Bag Unloaders

Our Bulk Bag Unloaders provide a dependable method of unloading bagged bulk and semi-bulk materials. Requiring little or no maintenance, the system handles dry materials in reusable bulk bags that can be loaded by fork truck or hoist from floor level. The system can easily be operated or serviced by one person and is a cost-effective solution to bulk bag handling operations.

Our Bulk Bag Unloading System Features:

  • Economical, clean unloading of bulk and semi-bulk materials.

  • An access door for untying bags.

  • Easy unloading by gravity. Can be used as a stand-alone unit or as integral part of a conveying system.

  • Screw or vibratory feed discharge options.

  • Modular construction.

  • Painted steel or stainless steel construction.

  • Load cell options

  • Optional bag dump station

  • Intergral hoppers suited for rotary airlocks and flexible augers

Integral Manual Bag Dump

Manual Bag Dump Station can be supplied Integral to bulk bag unloaders. Complete with folding bag shelf, removable bag grate, dust vent, internal chute with access door to bulk bag spout.  Optional manual Vortex iris valve to seal off the bulk bag outlet to allow the operator to untie the spout in safety.

Bulk Bag Filler

Dynequip's bag filler design incorporates an inflatable spout with integral dust collection and bag inflator. 

Features include an adjustable frame to suit your bag length, and easy to use bag loop hooks with quick release. 

Bulk bag fillers can be supplied with scales and densification decks